Altida Trade history begins in late 2010, early 2011.

I decided to start my solo career, after having been involved in one of the largest distribution companies of Fish in Europe for ten years.

Thanks to knowing the sector well and all the contacts made during those years, adapting and changing from being in a macro company to a new project, and this occurring during the crisis, went better than expected.

I gradually looked for a market niche that better fitted my situation, the business characteristics, structure and life I wanted for myself, my family and the team that was being formed.

Altida Trade has grown every year since 2011 and partnerships with suppliers and customers have strengthened.

By working hard, with enthusiasm and always meeting agreements, I think that Altida will be around for many years.

Our history Altida Trade
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Since Altida Trade began in 2011, we have gradually added to the team with salespeople, logistics and administrative staff so as to have a flexible team with experience and knowledge of the industry.

Most of the Altida Trade team had worked together in a previous professional chapter and have the right knowledge for the company to be solvent and lasting.

We currently have sales representative in the most relevant markets in Europe and we sell sea products from more than 30 countries from all over the world, while also continuing to seek the best possible product for our end-customer. At Altida Trade we are always looking for solutions, whether for products, logistics, production … To suit our customers. No matter how difficult the request, we are able to find the best response and if we cannot do so then, we will at least guide our customer in the best way of finding it.


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